Administrative Team

Mr. Allen Song

Hey everyone, my name is Allen and I’m one of the Vice-Principals here at Global Education Academy.  I came to Canada from to China when I was in elementary school and grew up in the Ontario education system.  From my own experience throughout these years, I began to dedicate my energy and time to try and improve the lives of young people, in particular students, so that they can enjoy their time and grow academically in this wonderful country just as I did.  I studied at the University of Toronto’s Rotman Commerce program as well as the law school at UofT, which hopefully allows me to provide the best possible advice and guidance to our students.  In my spare time I enjoy teaching IELTS techniques for those who want to earn a high enough mark to attend the schools they wish to apply to, and with my decade-long experience in this field I can definitely make your life with IELTS easier!  I also have a passion for sports, organizing our school’s basketball and volleyball clubs as well as hosting various tournaments throughout the year to help our students maintain good physical health.  See you at our school soon!

Mr. Mark Spinelli

Hello, my name is Mark Spinelli, a Vice-Principal here at Global Education Academy since its inception.  With over 40 years of experience in the education industry here in Ontario, I can truly say that I’ve seen tremendous changes, developments, and innovation throughout this time.  At Global Education Academy, I have made a priority of using my experience and observations to help our students achieve success not only in the classroom but also outside of it, as our country is also seeing rapid progress where international students are becoming a huge part of it.  Along with my fellow administrative colleagues and guidance counsellors, we hope to make sure our students will have the smoothest and most efficient path to their postsecondary destinations.

Teaching Team

Mr. Mark Chynoweth

Hi there, my name is Mark and I’m an English and IELTS teacher with Global Education Academy.  I studied at the University of Toronto for a degree in English literature, and spent many years teaching in Beijing afterwards. I returned to Canada about ten years ago and started teaching English and IELTS with Global Education Group.  Every year I’m delighted to see so many of our students move on to a university of their choice and I’m so grateful to be part of their growth. 

Ms. Marie Perry

Hello! my name is Marie Perry and I’m a Visual Arts and English teacher here at GEA. I have a degree from the University of Victoria over in British Columbia and I’ve taught in China for a while as well at several universities in Sichuan.  I’ve been teaching at GEA for more than 5 years and it’s always a pleasure to see our students grow academically and mature into responsible members of society here.  In my spare time I also like to teach music to children and perform in live concerts across the city. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around in Europe to perform with my band and I love to blend all these vivid experiences into my teaching.

Mr. Amir Esmaeilian

Hello, my name is Amir Esmaeilian, and I’m a physics and math teacher here at GEA.  I earned my PhD in physical sciences from my home country of Iran, where I was a physics and math university professor for 20 years before immigrating here to Canada with my family.  Since moving to this country, I have taught math and physics to the amazing students at GEA, who all have very good foundations and fundamentals, combined with their hardworking attitude.  A lot of our students enjoy my class because I like to carefully lecture the details and calculations, and I hope you will enjoy it too in the future!

Mr. Joe Lamanna

Hello and warmest of greetings! My name is Joe Lamanna and I am an ESL and social studies teacher with Global Education Academy.  I graduated with a degree in Broadcasting Media from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) in downtown Toronto and I’ve worked for a long time as a radio host and producer before joining Global Education Group as a teacher several years ago.  My passions include traveling, world cultures, and movies.  I often like to shape and design my courses around these experiences as I often find our students seem to enjoy the classes when these stories are part of it.  I’ve traveled to China several times and it was amazing every time. I hope to see you in my classes!

Ms. Mariia Shypilova

Hello, everyone! My name is Mariia. I’m an experienced educator who has worked in the field for about 18 years on different positions from assisting to leading ones. I have extensive international experience in different kinds of educational institutions. Thus, I have worked as a University Senior Lecturer in Ukraine and participated in international projects there and in other European countries. I have also taught students English and Science in schools in China and completed several educational projects there (including international communication one).
With every change in my career, I have enriched my professional knowledge and improved qualifications. And now, I’m happy to be a part of the Global Education Academy team with all my passion for teaching.
As a student-oriented, dedicated and patient teacher, I’m ready to contribute my teaching talent to my students’ knowledge and skills development. I believe we can achieve really good results in cooperation and collaboration. So, welcome to Global Education Academy and good luck to all of us!

Ms. Wen Wen

Hello everyone, my name is Wen, an OCT-certified teacher here at Global Education Academy.  I’m a graduate of Waterloo’s famous Math and Economics program and for the past several years I’ve taught a variety of courses here at GEA.  My passion, however, remains in the business and economics field of teaching.  My classes are always very popular and full of students who are eager to know more about the interesting world of business, and many of them go on to very prestigious business programs in various local and foreign universities.  We hope to see you soon in our classrooms!

Mr. Ghulam Abbasi

Greetings, my name is Ghulam and I am a computer sciences and technology teacher here at Global Education Academy.  As our world continues to improve and discover innovations at every corner, it’s always a pleasure to see our students find their interest in studying computer coding and software sciences.  Come join us in the computer lab and we’ll have a great time learning all about them!

Mr. Laszlo Sztojkovics

Hello everybody, my name is Laszlo, an OCT-certified teacher with Global Education Academy.  I’ve been a teacher for many decades and the focus of my teachings are mostly in the humanities category, such as history, politics, and social sciences.  Although these subjects may not sound very appealing, my method of teaching is all about flexibility and communication, and throughout our conversations and academic dialogue it will provide me with an understanding of how well you really know and enjoy the material.  We hope to see you at the school soon and begin this academic journey together!

Ms. Jin Chun

Hey everyone! My name is Jin and I am a visual arts and fashion design teacher here at GEA. I had the privilege of studying at OCAD for drawing and painting as well as Ryerson University for Fashion Design and also the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. I hope my years of experience in this field can help you realize your dream in pursuing a future career in this field.

Mr. Ash Derakhshan

Hello! My name is Ash and I have been a teacher with Global for many years, teaching ESL and academic writing courses, as well as preparing many of our students for IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, SAT, Duolingo, and other language proficiency tests.  I’ve written many books and guides with regards to techniques and formats, many of which are recognized by universities, colleges, and professional programs around the world. I am hoping my knowledge and experience in this field will also help you while you’re studying with us at GEA!

Ms. Hailee Yu

Hello! My name is Hailee, and I’m a business, ESL, and Korean teacher here at GEA.  I studied Business Economics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and have been a teacher with GEA for many years after graduating.  I’ve had the privilege of teaching a lot of our younger students as they matured into responsible young adults and showing them how to be successful in life, especially in today’s changing world. I love teaching our students about what’s unique and special about Canada, and hope to see you all soon!

Mr. JC Bernal

Hey everybody, my name is Juan-Carlos, but all my students and friends call me J.C for short.  I teach math and ESL here at GEA and I’m always amazed to see so much potential and development from our students.  I graduated with a teaching degree from the University of Toronto and I have taught many students about not only how to succeed academically, but as a responsible student facing the modern society. My passions include playing and coaching soccer, table tennis, and flying airplanes!  I hope that you’ll have a great time with us here at GEA!

Mr. Jacob Pejvack

Hi there, my name is Jacob Pejvack and I’m currently an English and Writers’ Craft teacher with Global Education Academy.  I started off my teaching career mostly focusing on the SAT test, for over 20 years, helping many of my students realize their goals of attending famous Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Brown etc.  Now that I have transitioned into a high school teacher, you may find me as your teacher for academic English classes.  I love to make my classes fun and understandable for my students, but I always try to push my students to their maximum potential.  Hopefully you’ll get to experience this when you join us at GEA!

Mr. Graeme Cheadle

Hey everyone, my name is Graeme Cheadle and I’m an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teacher at Global Education Group.  Having been a teacher in this field (as well as tutoring students about IELTS and TOEFL) for over 10 years, I definitely understand how difficult life can be when it comes to learning English in this country, especially when every university and college have strict requirements.  That’s why Global Education and I have a very thorough understanding of how to help you succeed in this area, so that you can improve your English to the adequate levels to help you succeed in postsecondary schools in this wonderful country.  See you soon!

Ms. Nicole

Master of Education from University of Toronto, Master of Language and Culture Education from University of Toronto, Bachelor degree from Fudan University; English major, advanced interpretation, French major 8; IELTS listening and reading full score, a total score of 8.5. Once teaching in Shanghai Global IELTS School, teaching IELTS and TOEFL listening and writing. The teaching ideas are clear, the classroom atmosphere is active, good at mobilizing students’ enthusiasm for classroom learning. Students’ language skills can be improved in a subtle way, and is well received by students.

Ms. Vicky

Master of Education from the University of Windsor, CELPIP certified trainer, TESOL trainer. Mainly teaches IELTS, CELPIP, Duolingo reading and listening courses, ESL and high school English after-school tutoring. The teaching style is humorous and lively, the classroom atmosphere is strong, and the teaching content is diversified. Good at mobilizing students’ enthusiasm, using interesting and diverse interactions to improve students’ autonomous learning ability. Can combine the cultural background knowledge with the exam content, so that students can better master the secrets of the exam in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Be good at adding a variety of interesting activities in the classroom, slowly changing students’ English thinking mode in continuous interactive practice, and fostering interest in English learning.

Ms. Zoe

Master of University of Toronto Rotman School of Business, Holds a Certificate of English Major Level 8 and Shanghai Advanced Interpretation Certificate, and has taught in major English training institutions and foreign language schools in China for six years. IELTS listening and reading full marks. Has unique insights and effective methods for English teaching, well versed in the strengths and obstacles of Chinese students’ learning, good at helping students to get through the logical skills of English through classroom teaching and VIP teaching, and effectively improve students’ performance. Also teaches SSAT/SAT, GMAT/GRE and AP micro and macroeconomics. Helps countless students successfully obtain offers from top private schools, universities in Canada and prestigious American schools.

Mr. Mofei

Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto, Euclid competition 90 points (top 2%) AMC12 top 5%. Good at summarizing the key points of the exam, helps students sort out difficult problems and knowledge blind spots from the details, and strives to cultivate students’ logical thinking ability. Patient and pays attention to students’ understanding process and difficulties. Can help students get rid of thinking misunderstandings and problem-solving bottlenecks.

Guidance Counselor Team

The GEA Guidance Counsellor Team:

For any school to sustain stable growth in reputation and success, a strong support staff is always necessary.  At Global Education Academy, we have a team of guidance counsellors and academic support staff which allows our students to receive the right advice and planning when it comes to their goals and ambitions.  With a combination of experience, knowledge, and awareness of the current climate of education around the world, you can be sure that our counsellors will understand each student’s situation perfectly and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Sunny Zhang

Cece Yang

Chloe Chen

Lewis Li