Through 1-2 years of study at Global Education Academy, including Ontario high school credit courses, art portfolio tutoring, ESL, IELTS Training, one-on-one course planning, and University application guidance, students will successfully enter North America’s top art colleges or comprehensive universities.

Entrance Requirements for Art Program:

  • Complete the Chinese junior high school curriculum
  • The average performance in the past 3 years has reached more than 80%
  • IELTS score of 5.5 (TOEFL score of 80) or pass the Global Education Entrance Test/Interview
  • Provide 2-3 recent works of art

Popular Majors:

Sculpture, Architecture, Interior, Garden Design, Clothing Design, Jewelry Design, Game Design, Animation Design, Advertising Design, Industrial Design, Future Vision, Photography, Directing, Media Arts, Digital Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, Film Production, Drama, Arts Management, Dance, Music

Project Curriculum System:

  • High school credit courses in Ontario, Canada
  • Art Portfolio Guidance Course
  • ESL Language Advanced Course
  • IELTS training course