GEA STEAM ElIte Preparation Program is designed to prepare students’ innovation, critical thinking and creativity. The project covers English, robotics, programming, science, engineering, art and many other fields. It is dedicated to helping students improve language cognition, mathematical logic thinking, engineering science, artistic innovation, training students to think, learn and live independently, and helping every student who wants to enter the top universities in Canada.

Pathway Science and Engineering

This program focuses on fostering creativity, critical thinking and the capacity for real-world application in the field of Engineering technology. Covering various cutting-edge topics such as robotics, computation, science and engineering, this program-solving abilities, preparing them for some of the top postsecondary programs in Canada.

Pathway Arts and Design

This program offers students a chance to explore their artistic creativity and innovative potential, as well as systematically cultivate their sense of aesthetics. Offering courses in architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, animation etc. This program will allow you to build up a wealth of knowledge in the field of arts and design, all the while helping you to establish your own identity as an artist, perfectly suited to any prospective students looking to study at some of the top arts programs offered by Canadian postsecondary institutions.

Admission Requirements

  • Current G10/G11 Students
  • A minimum admission average of 90%
  • A minimum IELTS overall score of 5.5 or TOEFL score of 50
  • Complete a GEA supplementary application